Strawberry Schmear.

Good morning you guys! Okay, so I generally don’t blog about food or anything pertaining to food, mainly because I don’t think you care what I eat but this recipe made my morning. Beside the fact that it’s my first off day in forever, I woke up at 7am……..7……AM……. Instead of going into a Hulk-like rage, I played with my unbearable transitioning hair and tried side-dish recipes.

Strawberry shmear is what I’ll call it. So, since I’ve been losing weight I’ve really tried to kick my bad eating habits in the face but I have 3 vices: 1. Pizza 2. Ice cream 3. Bagels , they’re literally my favorites in life but instead of completely doing away with them, I’ve been experimenting healthy ways to indulge. I’m rambling. Sorry. Okay, to the point. I had a whole wheat-cinnamon bagel for breakfast and instead of butter, cream cheese, or even honey, I did the following:

Blend together (I used a bullet)

-3 medium sized strawberries

-2 tsp of honey

-1 tsp of brown sugar

-1 tbs of skim or low-fat milk


Let it get pretty smooth, you want it to at least be thick enough to smear. This should be enough for one whole bagel, because I only ate half of mine, I just placed the rest in the fridge and plan to use it tomorrow for breakfast. Now, any health guru would probably tell you to steer away from bagels but like I said, I love them, so I’d rather work it until I feel like I’m strong enough to say good-bye. Oh bagels.

Hope you liked it. This blog is a lot different from my usual ones but food is good so I like to talk about it sometimes.

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