Today’s Milestones 7/15/2014.

I’ll make this quick. I really just want to share what I would consider note worthy in this whole lifestyle change of mine.

1. I sang “Saving All My Love” by Whitney Houston without cracking, not once. That has nothing to do with the healthy eating, weight training, non-smoking (y’all probably didn’t know that I ever smoked huh? 1 year clean this month!),thing I’ve been avidly pursuing but I find it to be a milestone. I mean, come on. That song has notes and key changes that only Whitney herself could sing with ease. I’d like to thank my moms.

2.I can’t fit any of my XL leggings. Now this was only a milestone because IT’S LEGGINGS! They literally squeeze everything. I had a pair fit a little bigger than usual last week, today these basically fell off of my waist. Bye, XL.

3. Cut 2mins off of my mile. Now THIS had me extra hype! I like running. I mean, It’s therapeutic. I sing, pray, think, and sometimes start blogs but today was solely running. I can’t even remember what I thought about, that can either be good or bad. I’ll take good. So will you.

4. T-shirt drive. We’re having one. That may not be a milestone to people who know me because you know how often I love doing this sort of thing. This year has been really confusing with Abraham’s Tent (that’s my adopted soup kitchen, lol), so having this is like a big hug from God. I don’t know. This one is a little complicated. A milestone nonetheless.

You could be really annoyed. You could be really proud of me. Either way, I think today ended up being pretty productive. My life has completely shifted from what I’ve always known to what I’ve always hated (that’s a blog in the making). So having a day that felt remotely encouraging, was nice. It was really nice. I’m going to go and read Hebrews now because I can’t get that book out of my head. I love you guys. This blog felt more like a letter. I like writing letters. Hmmm…

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