Nigeria Service Update: August 2021

We recently started our admission process for the new school year. We did sign-ups for a week and on the first day, we had over 200 parents show up to register their children. Some of the mothers were at the school gate at 6:30 a.m. (school doesn’t start until 8:00 a.m.). It was comforting to know that not only do they believe in what God is doing at the school, they want their children to be a part of it. As they came into the office, ten by ten, wide-eyed, and curious, I was struck. Like those parents, God wants what is best for His children and has gone above and beyond waiting at a gate, by sending His Son. I was brought to my knees in thankfulness. He loves us with intentionality, power, and truth. What a great God.

The Primary classrooms are finished! After months of hard work by the maintenance team and long hours perfecting the spaces for the children, they are truly breathtaking. Each first and second grade classroom has an open space for teaching, two bathrooms, a reading corner, a math corner, and a Teachers’ Office.

1st Grade Math Corner!

Now, we are moving on to the demolition of the old preschool so we can use it as the second stream of third through sixth grade classrooms. The maintenance team is ready and able. We cannot wait to see what they do with this space.

There has been tribal unrest in the surrounding areas so the teachers thought it imperative that we keep a sense of normalcy on campus. Our Homemaker’s Club decided to make Nigerian meatpies and chips (French fries), to refocus the hearts and minds of the children. It was a delicious way to turn worry into rest and God kept everyone safe and secure.

We recently hired one of our Rafiki Mothers to work as the Guidance Counselor in the school. Between her time serving as a mother to the resident children, she was able to complete her schooling in Guidance and Counseling at the University of Jos. We officially welcomed her to the team, and she constantly proves that it was a great decision.

I cannot begin to thank each of you enough for your prayers, concern, and encouragement. I am slowly creeping up on four years in Africa and that is more than I ever thought God would have done. More to come in later updates! Until then,

Thank you for reading

I love you.

One Comment on “Nigeria Service Update: August 2021

  1. So happy for you! I’m blessed and mind blown to have a previous teacher who is now teaching in Africa!! I love you more

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