Virtual Tour: Teaser

FINALLY, I’m gonna take you with me 😂 I don’t usually do “teasers” but I’m ecstatic about this next post. Since moving to Nigeria, I’ve constantly had friends and family ask, “So what does a normal day there look like?!” I try describing it, but I do Jos no justice.

This week I’m uploading a virtual tour of my home away from home ♥️. I’m taking you with me to get some groceries or “foodstuffs” for the next few weeks. It’s nothing fancy, but you get to “meet” some of the people I’ve grown to love.

I haven’t seen most of them since before Christmas so excuse our excitement!

Make sure you’re subscribed on YouTube and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss it




I’ll have a link there, too.

See you soon 🖤 love&light.

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