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Vitrual tour: Jos, Nigeria Market

I’ve never done anything like this before, and I definitely didn’t think I’d have this much fun doing it but here we are! Since moving to Nigeria, I’ve continually had friends, family, and even professional peers ask the same question, “What’s a typical day… Continue Reading “Vitrual tour: Jos, Nigeria Market”

Virtual Tour: Teaser

FINALLY, I’m gonna take you with me 😂 I don’t usually do “teasers” but I’m ecstatic about this next post. Since moving to Nigeria, I’ve constantly had friends and family ask, “So what does a normal day there look like?!” I try describing it,… Continue Reading “Virtual Tour: Teaser”

Hyphen Life: Juneteenth

About two weeks ago I decided to take a break from educating the folks around me. I found myself in this dark pit of obligation. I’d convinced myself that it was my responsibility as a Black woman to make sure that the extent of… Continue Reading “Hyphen Life: Juneteenth”

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