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The Adoption: Homestudy #1

That’s a picture of my certificate of completed preparation courses 🙂 I’ll try to keep this blog as short and to the point as possible. Firstly, it has been one heck of a journey getting my apartment ready for this child. Emotionally, spiritually, and… Continue Reading “The Adoption: Homestudy #1”

Where Did the Auction Come From…?

Lately I’ve been asked where the ‘Abraham’s Tent Love Auction’ came from, and I guess I don’t really tell the “backstory” that often… Well, here’s a condensed version: 3 years ago Justin and Emily Martindale had this calling from God to have a fundraiser… Continue Reading “Where Did the Auction Come From…?”


Generally before starting a blog I do a ton of research, praying, or even asking others’ opinions on the topic at hand. None of that happened here. This is completely at random and I’m almost skeptical of how it’s going to end. *dives in*… Continue Reading “iRant…”

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