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How YOU can help:

Become a Monthly Donor My monthly donors will be the first to receive newsletter updates, travel information, knowledge of needs, and visits when I am Stateside to share the journey face-to-face. Nothing it too small!

Make a One-Time Donation This is an easy way to help my husband and me with the local service in our village and nearby community.

Here’s a Mini-Bio:

I am a McNeese State University alumnus with a heart for service to children of the desolate. For the past 3 years, I’ve committed to doing just that. In 2018, I packed up three suitcases, sold all that I owned, and moved to central Nigeria. There is lots of trouble with tribal unrest, poor education, and excessive amounts of orphaned children, but God said move.. so I DID!

My life’s purpose is to serve them in all capacities with His strength and wisdom. Unfortunately, I cannot do it alone. I need donors, partnership, encouragement, and prayer. I hope you can join me and be a part. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me!

3-year old preschool class
1st grade student
12th grade students
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