Egusi Soup.

4 cups Egusi seeds
1/4 cup Palm oil
2 cups (or so) chopped beef
2 cups (or so) Shaki or cow hide
2 tbsp crayfish
1/2 fresh catfish chopped into bite size pieces
Smoked fish (I'm not sure how to measure this, I used 6 fish)
3 cups of spinach or bitter leaves 
2 chicken stock cubes (or fresh chicken broth, it's soooooo much better)
Salt and pepper
Cayenne, because Louisiana
1 white onion
1 green onion
3 small tomatoes
I used this site as a starting point for ingredients, but used
the frying method instead. This recipe looks amazing, too!


Chop the beef and shaki into bite-size pieces, add a small chopped onion
begin to let that cook down on the stove. I added 1c of water, the chicken stock,
and just kept an eye on it while I did these next few steps.

Take the smoked/dry fish and soak it in a bowl of water. About 3 cups. It 
doesn't need to fill the bowl or cover the fish completely. This will get it
soft enough to break up and add to the soup.

Using a food processor or blender, go ahead and chop the egusi seeds
into a slight powder substance.

Chop your onions, tomato, and peppers and blend them as well.
It should be a pretty thick salsa-like consistency. Save a little onion for later.
Set it aside.

Blend your crayfish into a powder- like consistency, and set it aside.

Add the palm oil to a deep skillet. I prefer not using a really large pot, or
a shallow pan. I switched pots mid-cooking, and I'm here to
save you time and dishes.

In a separate bowl, mix the egusi seeds and the onions from earlier
and mix it gently with your hands. It'll be pretty thick. That's okay.

Slowly add that mixture to the HEATED palm oil and begin frying.

Check you meat from earlier, and be sure it isn't burning...

Allow the egusi to completely fry, then add the meats and the stock.

Cover and allow this too cook for about 25-30 minutes. 
Be sure to let it COOK. I was so hungry, but the flavors
needed to dance together for a while.


During the last ten minutes, I added the chopped fresh fish and chopped
spinach, and during the last 5 minutes I added the crayfish.

Scoop you up some in a bowl, and eat with any tuwo or swallow of your liking.
Most people I've read prefer pounded yam, but I prefer tuwo rice.

The End. lol

Egusi Soup.

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