Shakiyla Solomon-Ishaku M. A. Ed.

Hi there! If you are here, that means you have shown interest in Educational Consultancy. Welcome! For the past seven years, I have committed myself to the academic growth, teaching, and transformation of schools in the United States, Middle East, and Africa. Take some time to skim through this page and see which services fit you and your team. My scheduling is intentional and when we work together, you and your campus are top-priority. I can’t wait to hear from you!

I specialize in identifying institutional strengths and weaknesses. Together we will formulate ways to create transformative change!

Range of Settings:

  • Early established schools (Public and Private)
  • Primary and Secondary schools (Public and Private)
  • Independent tutoring
  • Community service programs
  • Family-based learning support
  • Home-schooling support
  • Administrative support

Top 5 Services Rendered in 2021!

  1. Identification of student academic needs
  2. Impartial and unbiased recommendations for organizational growth
  3. Facilitating workshops for educational staff
  4. Development of teaching, administrative, and school-wide documentation for organization
  5. Keynote speaking

If you are interested in something not listed, contact me for pricing and availability.

Schedule your free consultation today!

“Not only did Shakiyla encourage my teachers and students, she gave me the confirmation I needed to take my school to the next level”

-Miranda Vinson, Principal, Moss Bluff Christian Academy, United States

“When Shakiyla walked into the room, you could tell she loved education. That’s exactly what we needed.”

-Sultan Mutlu, Graduate student, Istanbul Turkey

“Our Sunday school class loved having Shakiyla visit. They had fun learning about a new culture and how God has His hands in them all! We can’t wait to have her visit again!”

-Jessica Masters, Children’s Ministry Leader, South Carolina, United States

“As I met with my school leadership team today, the head teacher of the primary school said, “Please tell whoever developed these forms, thank you again and may God bless them!”  So I am passing on the thanks and the blessing

Laurie E., Headmaster, Moshi, Tanzania
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