Quick Morning Coffee

☕️ : One of my favorite past times has always been to study White Supremacy. (fun, right?) God has put me in a place to travel to many cities, states, and countries. I’ve worked at some of the richest schools and some of the most forgotten. I’ve shared a meal with CEOs, beggars, and everyone in between. One thing I’ve found consistent is the silent whisper or overwhelming cry of white supremacy. I have one journal specifically for my findings, analysis, and research on the subject and it’s inevitably ugly face. I change peoples’ names and give a detailed recount of the situations that, even if they don’t see it, are resting upon the feet of their supremacy. It’s probably the most objective of my writings, which is challenging being a Black woman. I do it that way because without multiple perspectives, it’ll just be made to the outside world as complaining or a refusal to see “change” (ironic, right?) One day, those journals will become a book and baby when I tell you God has shown me some things.

Whew chile.

Y’all better remember that the Gospel SHATTERS all division, supremacy, inferiority, elitism, and any other power you may THINK you have outside OR inside of Him.

*sips coffee*

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