ImageSo ,

You’ve been hypnotized by the possibilities.

She only gives you one shot, blow it and she’s gone. You can’t rush her, or slow her down. Her name is time.

I ain’t got a answer.

Your eyes are never satisfied.

I focus on silliness.

Stop being concerned with the past her, or the future her, and love her, now. Her name is time.

Single men take notes.

Hopelessly charming, on his fourth marriage.

The same reason you are deathly afraid of your daughter becoming a teenager.

So shell shocked, you too stupid to duck when the bullets are flying at you.

Slow down.

He told me a love story.

Got me seeking repentance for my desire for vengeance.

Forgive me for asking.

You know Jesus didn’t really look like those paintings that was just Michael Angelo’s boyfriend.

Is there enough mercy for me?

Warm words, cold nights.

Only when you lose her do you learn to appreciate her. Her name is time.

Don’t know why I try to wrap my mind around you.

You eva been scared you had no idea what you been talkin about?


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